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Introduction to Physics LPS

About This Course

During the first semester of this course we will learn the basic principles that describe motion, force, momentum, and energy. These principles form the foundation of a branch of science known as Newtonian (or Classical) Physics. Beginning in the second semester we will explore a seemingly diverse collection of topics that form the foundation of modern Physics which includes thermodynamics, light, and electromagnetism. Physics is a way of thinking about the natural world around us. It is not about “facts” or memorizing “equations” but rather about discovering relationships that exist between things we can measure. The goal of Physics is to discover the mechanisms by which nature operates, and use our understanding of these mechanisms to make predictions about the natural world. Through such investigations we are able to build taller and safer buildings, launch satellites into space that allow us to communicate and transmit data with people around the world, and build sophisticated equipment such as x-ray machines, MRIs, and CT scanners that allow doctors to peer inside the bodies of patients without making an incision. Physics is the basis of every scientific discipline from Medicine to Engineering. In Physics we use math to describe the natural world. Math is a language that allows us to communicate ideas and transmit knowledge and information to others through the ages, the same way that English and Arabic are languages that allow humans to communicate ideas and add to our understanding of the world through the ages. The use of mathematics will allow you to gain greater insight into the world around you without the need to consult Wikipedia or the Google. And with any new language that you learn, it is difficult in the beginning to use it but with time, patience, and practice, you will be able to master it. Don’t worry about your math skills. We will develop them further as we proceed into the course, and as you begin to use them more you will begin to really enjoy your new language. The important thing to know is that I will be here to help you along our journey. .


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    Aug 08, 2015